Q: Are you willing to travel?

A: I love working in new places but I will need your help finding a location in your area. I can’t bring my usual staff but can work something out. Because of the large amount of equipment I prefer to drive whenever possible, however this can make the travel expenses higher if your 2 or 3 days drive from Utah (traveling at 600-700 miles per day). If I can work with more than one client in the same area the travel costs can be spread out which helps everyone.

Q: Do you work in real locations or do you cut & paste?

A: Most of my “Fantasy” work is done in a real location, but if you want to placed into a scene that would otherwise be impossible (e.g. a tiny faerie sitting on a flower) I would have to paste you in, which is fine in that situation. The “Black Light” work takes place in the studio where the lighting can be controlled.

 Q: What do I wear?

A: For “Fantasy” you’re welcome to bring anything you’d like or use any of our costumes. Most people try both or we do something custom just for you. If you would like to buy something special just for this occasion or simply want ideas a great resource is www.pyramidcollection.com. We also have a line of “virtual costumes” (flower petal skirts & dresses) that are applied in post. For these you would wear shorts and a tank top or a bathing suit which would later be covered, like a paper doll.

For “Black Light” most people are wearing only paint and plastic. If you prefer to wear something for modesty, solid black (no white stitching) works best.

Q: Do you do nudes?

A: Although I’m not offended by the beauty of the human body tastefully portrayed in art, I feel strongly about keeping my work on the modest side and limit revealing the body to “implied nudes”. I like to call them “modest nudes”. Black light offers a little more freedom in posing because the paint gives the allusion of wearing a body suit but may require minor photoshoping.

 Q: What happens after the picture is taken?

A: After you have chosen the pose to be used I will perform any requested retouching (removing blemishes, smoothing skin, make you skinnier, tanner, etc.) before stretching ears and adding the wings of your choice. I will also alter color and lighting to fit the mood and add any other desired elements (faerie dust, parts of costumes,etc.). see Before & After page

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